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Panasonic EY75A1 Impact Driver 14.4V 18V 14.4 / 18 Volt Dual Voltage-Brand New-Genuine OEM-In Stock

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Product Description

In Stock, USA Seller, Ships In 24 Hours!

Brand New, Genuine OEM and 100% Guaranteed
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Direct from Panasonic


Panasonic EY75A1 Impact Driver 1/4” Hex Drive-Dual Voltage 14.4V / 18V-Brand New-Genuine OEM-In Stock

With Brushless Motor, Variable Speed, Reversing, Electric Brake and More!!


Model # EY75A1

Replaces Models: EY7540, EY7546 and EY7550


Use Either 14.4 Volt or 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries!!


Please Note: Tool Only. Does Not Include Batteries, Charger or Carrying Case


Compatible Batteries:  EY9L40, EY9L41, EY9L42, EY9L44, EY9L45 EY9L50 EY9L51 and EY9L53 Lithium Ion 14.4V or 18V Battery (Not Included)



Brand New, Genuine OEM Panasonic 14.4V/18V 1/2” Impact Driver. 100% Guaranteed. Well-constructed, tough, dependable impact drill. Any Questions, please e-mail us. 





Panasonic EY75A1 is a 14.4 Volt / 18 Volt Li-ion Heavy Duty 1/4” Hex Impact Driver that is compact and easy to use. Has 3 Adjustable Speeds as well as Variable Speed, Reverse, Electric Brake, LED Light, Quick Bit Change Chuck and much more. Need a reliable impact driver but don't want a heavy, clunky one? No problem. Panasonic’s 14.4 Volt or 18V Li-ion Impact Driver (EY75A1) is a compact, ergonomic designed impact driver that is conveniently lightweight and easy to use. There is also a useful LED light that illuminates dark work areas so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Also has Variable Speed to make it easy to start driving screws or lag bolts. The 1/4” Hex Chuck makes bit changes quick and easy. Electronic Brake stops drill the second you let off the trigger.

Panasonic’s new brushless driver comes with the ability to use either a 14.4v or 18v battery. It also has a variable speed switch that allows you to use this electric impact driver for a range of purposes, and the slow start means that you always achieve a professional finish. Electric brake and reverse are also part of the switch function. Lots of flexibility and lots of power are the hallmarks of this top-shelf impact driver.

Each of Panasonic Tough IP Cordless Power Tools were awarded a rating of IP56 by the IEC (according to IEC60529) classifying them “Dust-protected” and “Protected against powerful water jets”. The two numbers in the rating are for dust resistance and water resistance respectively.




Torque 1,370 in-lbs

Voltage 14.4v / 18v

Speed 0 - 2500 rpm

Impacts / Min 0-3000 ipm

Weight 2 lbs


   6-1/8" x 9-17/32" x 2-13/32"

Battery type Lithium-ion

Drive size 1/2” Square Anvil

Electric Brake Yes

Motor Type: Brushless for Excellent Power Transfer

Belt Clip: Yes

Reverse:  Yes

Light: LED for easy seeing in dark conditions

Drive Size: 1/4" Hex Drive

Additional Features: IP56 rating by the IEC



What Are The Advantages Of A Dual Voltage Impact Driver?
The cordless tools in this range have a sensor in their body that detects the battery voltage, and then changes the current and voltage flow to enable the best performance. This allows you to customize your Panasonic impact driver to suit the job: use 18.0v 4.2Ah batteries for super-high power and a long runtime, or use 14.4v batteries with a smaller power reserve for a lighter tool that’s easier and more comfortable to use in awkward positions.

Is The Panasonic EY75A1 14.4v/18v Tough Enough For Job Site Use?
This is one of the most robust cordless impact drivers available, with a range of excellent features that enable you to use it in challenging conditions. The IP56 dust and splash protection is provided by elements such as a sealed switch, electronics coated in urethane to seal them tightly, and moisture-tight batteries. These features allow you to work worry-free with your cordless impact screwdriver, even the toughest environments.

Can This Panasonic Impact Driver Perform Professional Tasks?
The brushless motor is highly efficient and less susceptible to mechanical wear, which is ideal for heavy-duty trade use. The different speed settings allow you to use this electric impact driver for a range of purposes, and the slow start means that you always achieve a professional finish.


Operator Ergonomics
The importance of ergonomics on the factory floor continues to grow which is one reason why Panasonic developed this line of cordless assembly tools. The lightweight balanced design, cushioned grip and virtually no torque reaction, helps to reduce operator fatigue; therefore creating a better work environment. In addition, the freedom of a cordless tool allows an operator to work inside vehicles or small work spaces.


Dual Voltage Technology Provides Versatility & Backward Compatibility
During the creation of this new series of cordless power tools, Panasonic truly thought about the customer and made sure the latest product was backward compatible. How? Simply by making a dual voltage tool, it allows the customer to use either 14.4v or 18v earlier generational batteries on the new tools. What gains come from using either battery? 14.4v batteries provide better ergonomics (less weight & smaller) whereas an 18v battery provides an even longer runtime.


Brushless Motor and Hybrid Switch
A reduction in manpower and budgets can make it hard to keep-up with equipment failures and repairs. Panasonic has doubled the life of their tools by using a high efficiency brushless motor and a hybrid trigger switch. The hybrid switch is connected to the CPU, which controls the motor and brake by eliminating any high current from running through the switch.Utilizing the best components Panasonic tools reduce downtime, parts costs and maintenance repair costs.


Tough IP – IP56 Rating
With the addition of electronics in today’s power tools and batteries it has become critical to protect the electronics. Panasonic’s solution, Tough IP Tools, designed with protection features to meet an International Protection Code of IP56. The IP56 rating means the tools passed demanding laboratory tests of working in extremely dusty and wet work environments. In the field, it assures professional tradesmen have a tool that can stand up to the rigors of hard jobsite use.
Whether it's extremely dust work conditions or work in damp or wet locations, users will appreciate a tool that will keep working when others would likely fail.
IP56 In Depth - the IP rating was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and is outlined in IEC 60529. The standard outlines a coding system that indicates the degree of protection an electrical enclosure offers internal components. Based on objective testing, it assigns a rating to the enclosure's ability to keep potentially damaging foreign objects (dust and contaminants) and water out of the tool under increasingly difficult conditions.
""5"" Dust Protection Test - subjects the tool to a very dusty environment and then puts it to work to assure the tool was unaffected by dust exposure. In the grueling test, the tool proved that it achieved a dust protection level of five out of six levels; the sixth level is for dust-tight tools. It's a good indication that the tool's design keeps potentially harmful contaminants out, assuring long life and top performance that professionals demand.
""6"" Water Protection Test – subjects the tool with increased levels of water exposure testing the limits of the tool. The tool obtained a six out of eight level rating withstanding powerful water jets providing assurance that the tool will continue to run even in the rain or other wet environments.
Learn more about Panasonic's Intelligent Power Tools and the IP56 code, view What Is Tough IP


Illuminating the Work Area
When activated a built-in LED light turns on to illuminate the work area. An additional feature of the tool to conserve battery power is an auto shut-off timer for the LED once the tool is not operated for 5 minutes.

Warranty Information

Our 30 day Guarantee assures that you will not receive an item that doesn't function as intended unless otherwise stated. We 100% thoroughly inspect and test every function of every item we sell before shipping it out to you, our customer. We are highly trained in inspecting and testing with over 25 years experience of repairing power tools. But if for some reason you do receive an item that doesn't function as intended, we will refund your money excluding any shipping charges. Please see Returns for more information.

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