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Panasonic EYFMA2P AccuPulse HR Series 14.4V Impact Wrench 1/2" Square Drive Mechanical Pulse Tool-Brand New-Genuine OEM-In Stock

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Product Description

In Stock, USA Seller, Ships In 24 Hours!


Genuine OEM and 100% Guaranteed 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Tool. Direct from Panasonic


Panasonic EYFMA2P AccuPulse HR Series 14.4V Impact Wrench 1/2" Square Drive Mechanical Pulse Tool-Brand New-Genuine OEM-In Stock


Panasonic Heavy-Duty 14.4 Volt 1/2” Square Drive Cordless AccuPulse Mechanical Pulse Assembly Tool Impact Wrench. Torque control function operating range 25 - 120 Nm, Maximum Torque 185 NM


With Brushless Motor, Variable Speed, Reversing, Electronic Brake, Light and More!!


Model # EYFMA2P


Made In Japan


Does not include batteries, charger, remote, or carrying case



Torque adjustments, settings etc. are done by a remote control (EYFA31B) (Not Included)




Brand New, Genuine OEM Panasonic AccuPulse Mechanical Pulse Tool.



Compatible Batteries:






Assure accurate, repeatable fastening on assembly lines where production efficiency and quality control are essential. Featuring torque controlled range of 25-120 Nm and a 1/2" square drive with pin detent, our programmable 14.4V auto shut-off mechanical pulse tool produces superior ergonomics with virtually no torque reaction. Cordless battery-powered design provides freedom of movement and emissions-free operation for demanding manufacturing plants.





  • Virtually no torque reaction

  • 1/2 square drive with pin detent

  • Auto shut-off prevents over torques

  • Operator visual pass/fail indicator




  • Lightweight: 3 lbs.

  • High Power: 1,640 in.lbs of torque, 0-2300 RPM, 0-2900 BPM

  • Electronic Performance Monitoring System

  • Brushless Motor and Electronic Switch

  • Reversible: Yes

  • Electric Brake: Yes

  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic design using Sure Grip Surface

  • Dimensions: Compact size (L x H x W): 6-7/32" x 2-21/64" x 9-25/32"


Typical Applications:

• M10 Bolt (Tensile Bolt)

• M12 Bolt (Normal-Tensile Bolt

• M14 Bolt (Normal Bolt)

• M16 Bolt 




  • Application Capactiy / Working Speed Approx. 620 pcs/pack Approx. 0.9 sec/1pcs (M12: 628 in-lbs, Stage: 22)

  • Applications M10 Bolt (Tensile Bolt) M12 Bolt (Normal & Tensile Bolt) M14 Bolt (Normal Bolt) M16

  • Battery Capacity 4.2Ah, 4.0Ah or 2.0Ah (Not Included)

  • Battery Indication Lamp 3 Stage

  • Brushless Motor YES

  • Drive 1/2" Square Drive with Pin-Detent

  • Flush Detection Modes L1: For applications with no pulses before flush point or when fastening fragile materials like plastic to metal.L2: For prevailing torque during run down and varying joint rate applications

  • Hybrid Switch YES

  • Impact Per Minute 0 - 2900

  • LED Light On/Off Switch. (Light will turn off automatically after five minutes of no use)

  • Low Battery Disable Yes

  • Maximum Torque Approx. 185 Nm (136 Ft. Lbs.) (M16 bolt).

  • No Load Speed (RPM) 0 - 2300

  • Rehit Prevention Possible to set per 0.1 sec. between 0 - 3 sec.

  • Tightening Confirmation Lamp Tightening is finished: Green light Tightening is not finished: Red light

  • Torque Range Approx. 25-120 Nm (221-1106 in-lbs) (18-92 ft lbs.)

  • Torque Setting 30 Stage + F (without torque setting mode)

  • Voltage 14.4V

  • Wireless Programming Yes

  • Wireless Communication No

  • Dimensions 6-7/32" x 2-21/64" x 9-25/32"

  • Weight 3.3 lbs



Superior ergonomics for improved worker safety

Mechanical pulse tools are ergonomically designed with worker safety top of mind. Lightweight and balanced with a cushioned grip and virtually no torque reaction reduces operator fatigue and injury while creating a healthier, more productive work environment. A modern cordless design allows total freedom of movement inside vehicles and tight work spaces for greater production efficiency.


Intelligent auto shut-off ensures greater accuracy

Intelligent auto shut-off eliminates over-torque, under-torque and operator-influenced torque issues. The intelligent on-board CPU uses an advanced algorithm to search for seating torque during rundown. Once seating torque is found, the tool switches to torque calculation mode and automatically shuts-off when final torque is achieved, resulting in greater fastening accuracy and repeatability.


Easy programming for operator lockout

Prevent operators from tampering with tool settings. Use the intuitive remote control to enable rehit prevention, select joint type, view tool data, operator lockout, and restore factory defaults.


Reduce emissions and energy costs

While leaky compressed air systems waste energy and pollute the air with oil vapors, our cordless assembly tools save energy and improve indoor air quality across your facility. A long battery life and increased durability provides a smart, eco-friendly alternative to energy-hogging air tools without sacrificing quality control. 


Longer life, lower maintenance costs, less downtime

Much more than on-the-job wear and tear, product life and maintenance cycles are determined by the quality of components inside your tool. That’s where Panasonic durability goes to work for you. Constructed with innovative long-life internal components such as high-efficiency brushless motors and hybrid switches, our cordless assembly tools last considerably longer and cost nearly 80% less to maintain than air tools. 


Increase speed and production efficiency

Visual indicator and automatic shut-off provides operators instant visual for OK/NOK status. The highly visible LED light can be seen from rear of tool and helps the operator know whether to move on to the next fastener or stop and rework the product. In addition, a built-in LED light illuminates the assembly area for fast, accurate assembly.


Products Details:
AccuPulse® HR Series equips quality-conscious plants with the most advanced cordless mechanical pulse tools ever made. AccuPulse tools are ergonomically designed with worker safety top of mind. Compact and balanced with virtually no torque reaction to create a healthier, more productive work environment. A modern cordless design allows total freedom of movement for greater production efficiency.

Key Features:
Provides 25-120 Nm torque range from a 1/2” pin detent square drive
High resolution encoder ensures precise fastening of the highest accuracy
Innovative twin-hammer design provides high torque while minimizing vibration
Flush point detection mode for increased accuracy for varying joint types
Advanced programmable features for higher worker productivity and plant automation

Warranty Information

Our 30 day Guarantee assures that you will not receive an item that doesn't function as intended unless otherwise stated. We 100% thoroughly inspect and test every function of every item we sell before shipping it out to you, our customer. We are highly trained in inspecting and testing with over 25 years experience of repairing power tools. But if for some reason you do receive an item that doesn't function as intended, we will refund your money excluding any shipping charges. Please see Returns for more information

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